Scrub Hub Car Wash

About Scrub Hub Car Wash

We are on a mission to become the most popular car wash in Jupiter. We know this will require unheard of quality, excellence of service, and tremendous value! Stop in today for a quick wash or full detail, either way you won’t leave disappointed! Thank you for visiting!

The Situation

Scrub Hub Car Wash formerly known as Jupiter Hand Car Wash & Primo’s Hand Car Wash, came to us in need of branding their online presence with a website.

Scrub Hub Car Wash was going into its 3rd year in business with little to no online presence. The presence that they did have online was disconnected numbers, incorrect prices, and all content was stolen and/or copyrighted from other websites.

The owners also had no definitive direction of how they wanted the business ran and how they wanted customers to view the business.

Our Solution

We knew that this business needed direction, in order to do that we offered our Website Remodel Plan.

Our main focus was to get all vital information pertaining to the business presented on the website prominently. After gathering all proper information about the business we added it to the website as well as removing all illegal content being used by the business.

After a week of development, the website was completed and launched.